Two forgotten words

It’s crazy how times have changed. Men used to open doors for women. When adults were talking, children never interrupted and if they did they said, “Excuse me.” Elbows were never allowed on the table and you never, ever talked with food in your mouth. No one seemed to stare at people and point fingers directly at someone. You never talked loud in public and if you ever embarrassed your parents in the grocery store, there was a big price to pay when you got home. But what happened to saying the words “thank you?”

For the life of me, I cannot figure out when did that go out the window. I’m appalled by how people don’t say “thank you” anymore. When someone buys lunch for you, you’re supposed to say “thank you.” If you drop something and someone picks it up for you, you’re supposed to say “thank you.” If someone tells you that you look nice today, you say “thank you.” More common responses to the above gestures are “you owed me lunch anyway,” “these bones can’t bend like they used to” and “this old outfit?”

Thank you

Not trying to toot my horn here but I say “thank you” all the time. I probably say it too much and that’s probably why it stands out to me that so many people do not. And, I think it’s even worse when you have to ask someone to say “thank you” for something that you have done for them. So, this is the solicited “thank you.” If I have to ask someone to say “thank you” to me, then they weren’t going to say it anyway. They can keep that sorry “thank you” because it’s not heart felt.

Maybe I need to just accept the fact that the world is drastically changing. But, the next time someone does something for you, mind your manners and just say two words, “thank you.”


Keep it in a book

I once heard a phrase that if you want to hide something from someone put it in a book. That one phrase kicked up my book reading to a whole new level. As you probably can tell I set some huge goals for myself this year one of which was to read 50 books. I usually read between 5 to 8 books a year. But this year, I’m not just going to read my normal fiction stories but educational books, historical books, health books and everything in between.

I have a huge thirst for knowledge and the best way to quench this thirst is to read. I have this big, huge brain which probably hasn’t even reached a 1/4 of its’ potential. It’s time to call my brain to its’ complete potential.

Yeah, I am one of those people who spends hours in the library. I have an iPod, a laptop, iPhone and an iPad but there is nothing that compares to sitting in a chair and holding a book in my hand. That cannot compare to anything being stored in my iCloud. Nothing compares to finding a really nice bookmark to hold your place. When I go to the library I come out with tons of books. Some people have shoe fetishes, I have a book fetish. I have to be surrounded with books. It’s just me.

I stumbled across an app to help me keep track of all the books that I have read. (Come on, I still need to use technology!) It’s called Goodreads. LOVE IT!!! I have about 5 books that I’m reading right now.

Many people ask me how do I choose new authors or subjects. Most of the subjects I read about are from subjects that I need more information about. Like I needed to get more information on working with customers so I picked up Lee Cockerell’s “The Customer Rules.” It’s an easy read from an experienced executive from Disney. I found this book on the new book shelf. I was browsing and it just jumped out at me. Love when this happens because now I have to read all the other books that he has written.

If you are not a book reader, you should consider picking up a book. You never know what’s been hiding from you.

Welcome to my world!

It’s time. It’s time for me to blog. Let me re-define “blogging” for you in Shalynne’s world. It does not mean that I am technologically advanced by any stretch of the imagination. Yes, I have an iPod, an iPad, a Droid 2 and an upcoming iPhone as soon as June rolls around. But don’t be deceived into thinking that these gadgets give any indication that I have arrived. I’m blogging because I have something to say. As a matter of fact, I have a lot to say.

By now you’re wondering who the heck am I anyway? LOL. I am a 40 year old women who is married to one man and we have two children. I’ve been married for 18 years come this December. We are a regular family that loves to watch movies, vacation at least 2 to 3 times a year and cry during Undercover Boss while screaming at the dog to tell her to stop whining so she can sit on our laps!!

I.S.H.A. Sky

Designed by Marcellis Smith. Tell him Shalynne sent you!

Before taking on a position with Hertz I owned and operated a business named I.S.H.A. Sky. I.S.H.A. Sky stands for Inspire, Succeed, Hope, Achieve. Sky is the limit. My mission was to “prepare today’s entrepreneur for a successful future.” The business also involved small business consulting, promotional events and motivational speaking. The company was named after my mother who was an entrepreneur. She passed away in 2004 while suffering from multiple blood clots that had ultimately traveled to her lungs and settled there. My mother was such an inspiration. When she passed away she was one semester away from receiving her Ph.D from Western, she had just got a hat patented that could be worn 21 different ways, she had just trademarked a board game and she just loved life. It is through her inspiration that this company was formed.

Looking forward to helping people make their dreams come true.