Business Card Refresher

In our paperless age and with the advancement of technology, one thing remains constant: BUSINESS CARDS! You can’t live without them.

Here’s my top 10 business card tips:

  1. Carry business cards with you 24-7. Whenever I’m in a meeting or out shopping, I realize that potential contacts are everywhere. What better way to foster a business relationship than to have a business card to hand them? Put a stash here and there: your car, office, gym locker, etc.
  2. Always carry your business card in a business card holder. NEVER carry them in a sandwich bag or stuff them in your back pocket. I recently placed an order from They offered free engraving. That was cool!
  3. When someone gives you their business card, don’t turn it over and write notes on it in front of them. Jot notes on your smart phone as soon as you get a chance about the interaction. When you get to your office, stable the business card to a 4×6 card. On the 4×6 card jot down the date that you met the person and the notes that you put in your smart phone. File them all in a 4×6 card holder.
  4. Keep all the information on your business card current. That includes title changes, email address, phone number and fax number too.
  5. Your name should be the biggest thing on the card. Make it stand out. It should be easy to read with a simple, clear font.
  6. When you give out business cards, give 2 to 3. Ask the receiver to give one to a friend or a business contact. When they do, ask them who they gave it to. Send the initial receiver a Thank You card.
  7. Looking for a tag line for your email? Scan your business card!
  8. Make your presentation stand out. Here is how I present my business cards when I’m in networking meetings. I bought these pre-sealed bags from Wal-Mart the craft aisle. I put my card inside and a mint.

    When I’m in a networking meeting, I present my business cards in individual sealed bags.

  9. Make your card invaluable. Choose double side printing and print the calendar on the back. This makes the receiver keep it a whole year.
  10. Put your business card in every corporate/client gift that you give out.

Put these tips to work for you. They are invaluable and they do make a difference.




Discover an opportunity

To discover an opportunity, one does not have to any formal qualifications. Some type of previous industry and work experience is a plus when it comes to successfully starting up your own business but it is not a prerequisite. As in the article, “Educating Octavia”, Octavia Randolph, knew she had a great food product idea. (Welles, 1989) She did not have the formal education or work experience on how to package food, market it or anything else for that matter. But what was key is that she educated herself. You must know what you are doing in order to propel your business idea forward.

Now to go along with this same point, often times than not, new opportunities can be discovered from the workplace, or a former place of employment. I have found this to be true in my case. Several of my business ideas were even further stimulated from when I had a part-time job working at a department store.

I had countless conversations with my co-workers that literally hated what they were doing. They wished they were doing something else, like running their own beauty salon or they really loved working with children; these were their dreams. They did not have the experience to jump-start these dreams but that was their dream nevertheless, their desire. Their eyes would light up just talking about it.

But about you? Have you discovered an opportunity or a niche? What’s holding you back from turning that into a business idea? There are so many resources in the marketplace to help you get started with your own business. Don’t be trapped inside the mindset of “working to make a living”. Get motivated to follow your passion and live out your dream.

Being an entrepreneur in name only will only spark a dream, it’s the action behind it that makes it a reality.