Two forgotten words

It’s crazy how times have changed. Men used to open doors for women. When adults were talking, children never interrupted and if they did they said, “Excuse me.” Elbows were never allowed on the table and you never, ever talked with food in your mouth. No one seemed to stare at people and point fingers directly at someone. You never talked loud in public and if you ever embarrassed your parents in the grocery store, there was a big price to pay when you got home. But what happened to saying the words “thank you?”

For the life of me, I cannot figure out when did that go out the window. I’m appalled by how people don’t say “thank you” anymore. When someone buys lunch for you, you’re supposed to say “thank you.” If you drop something and someone picks it up for you, you’re supposed to say “thank you.” If someone tells you that you look nice today, you say “thank you.” More common responses to the above gestures are “you owed me lunch anyway,” “these bones can’t bend like they used to” and “this old outfit?”

Thank you

Not trying to toot my horn here but I say “thank you” all the time. I probably say it too much and that’s probably why it stands out to me that so many people do not. And, I think it’s even worse when you have to ask someone to say “thank you” for something that you have done for them. So, this is the solicited “thank you.” If I have to ask someone to say “thank you” to me, then they weren’t going to say it anyway. They can keep that sorry “thank you” because it’s not heart felt.

Maybe I need to just accept the fact that the world is drastically changing. But, the next time someone does something for you, mind your manners and just say two words, “thank you.”


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