The morning after

Have you ever did something so good and then you had to wake up the next morning?

I was up at 5am and out the door by 5:45am to take my one hour commute across town. I worked 11 hours today all to realize that nothing about today compared to my one week vacation that ended last night. I guess I made my vacation "too good": visiting friends, enjoying the beautiful mountains, sleeping in til I was ready to get up and even eating all the food I wanted and gaining the one, two or even three pounds. (lol)

But what could I have done to combat this dismal feeling that I experienced? Maybe I should have tried to have had a bad vacation. That's just dumb! But wait a minute. Could you imagine trying to make your vacation horrible so you don't come home happy? Could you imagine trying to make it terrible so the let down wouldn't be so devastating when you return back to your normal life? Is this brilliant?

I can just imagine the headline of that blog: How I had a horrible vacation…on purpose.


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