Definition of “Going Natural”

I’ve been asked quite often lately about what does the phrase “going natural” mean. I’m going to try my best to clear up the confusion.

See “going natural” does not indicate that you are in rebellion to something or joining some type of secret society or you have a point to prove. It simply means that you are no longer altering your hair with a chemical process.

I’m wearing my hair naturally now because chemically processing my hair was not to my benefit any more (it probably never was). I was in pain and I was extremely frustrated with the process. I never went to a dermatologist to get my scalp analyzed but the proof was in the pudding. Even my personal anxiety that would build up as it got closer to getting a touch up was crazy.

Most people don’t realize that black women get perms to straighten out the hair for manageability, maybe style preference or even to smooth out their curls. My reason was because my un-permed hair is thick, course and untamed. It’s wild!! But it was for those very same reasons that almost aided me to keep on getting perms and enduring the pain for the sake of manageability.

I like to research before I do anything. Before I took the plunge, I spent about 4 weeks researching how to take care of natural hair. I had to figure out what were the maintenance steps, what types of products to use, how to style it, and even what websites offered the most support. I even did some soul searching to make sure I would be okay with the stares that I knew I would get from people I knew and those that I don’t know. People are funny when it comes to change. Not everybody reacts the same to change. I actually had people stop talking to me when they first saw my Big Chop. I was the same person, just shorter hair. But one conversation with my husband, squashed all those fears of what others would think. He supported my decision so it doesn’t matter what others thought. He matters most.

This topic is going to be an ongoing category for me. There is no way I can explain everything in just two posts. Today I want to share a close up picture of my scalp taken on January 29, 2012.

Snapshot of my hair and scalp before my “Big Chop.” The wavy part is called new growth or un-permed hair. The straight part is chemically processed. The touch up process chemically straightens out the wavy new growth.

If you have questions on this topic, please don’t hesitate to ask. I love talking about this topic. My next post will be about how I maintain my hair and what products I use.


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