The irony of you being called normal

What’s the definition of normal?
How can it be defined?
Who has the power to hold you and keep you confined?
Why would you let someone label you; are you out of your mind?
When will you break out of their mold?
When will you break free?
Shatter the glass ceiling and be who you are called to be.

Many people struggle today with not knowing how to take the first step on reaching their goals and achieving their dreams. It will never get done if you suffer from peer pressure. You are a walking bomb if you keep everything bottled up inside of you. Experience the freedom today of being abnormal.

Abnormal people get out there and take a risk. Abnormal people don’t care about what others might think. Abnormal people want to use make good on the gifts and talents that they have. Abnormal people aren’t scared of falling because they know they can get back up again and start over.

Abnormal? Definition: deviating from what is normal or usual. What would you rather be? Normal or abnormal?


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