Summer Project (season 2)

I have a love of gardening and I just cannot shake it. Every home that we have lived in, I have found a way to dig in the dirt and get some vegetables out if it. My favorite food to grow is zucchini. It’s the easiest to grow and I can make some zucchini bread that will make you smack the person you’re sitting by! (Recipe to come…)

I found a new twist to gardening. I am now an official “container gardener”. I chose this route because I can manage my growing process much easier than in the ground. The containers don’t produce weeds because I use clean commercial soil.  It’s easier to hydrate the plants because I keep the containers close to my back door. And, I have to mention that I control the bug factor this way too. I was constantly buying organic repellent when my plants were in the ground. I don’t have that issue anymore. Each container has a mixture of Miracle Gro Potting Soil and Miracle Gro Plant and Vegetable Mix with Mulch with a foundation of rocks to provide drainage.

The plants call for full sun and with them being strategically placed in the back of my house, they get between 8 to 9 hours of sun each day. I closely watch the soil to make sure that it does not dry out.

When they begin to sprout additional leaves I insert poles to guide their growing or another term is “stalk them.” I chose not to do this in the establishment stage of the plants as I do not want to interrupt them as they are taking root and getting settled.

As with planting in the ground, I rotate what I grow in the containers. Last year I grew zucchini, eggplant, green peppers, tomatoes and green onions. So for example, the containers that I grew tomatoes in are now on the front porch with a beautiful array of flowers and the containers that I grew green onions in now is home to the yellow sweet peppers and the lilac bell peppers.

Container gardening can be done by anyone. It’s not just for home owners you know. This hobby would be great for apartment dwellers, senior citizens that cannot get on their hands and knees, elementary students in classrooms, the list is endless.

Give it a try. Let me know your results.


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