Knitting some love

I think it’s hilarious how I learned to knit. My Mom and one her friends used to crochet when I was a teenager but I could never get the hang of it. I was confused with where the needle went after you made so many stitches and I couldn’t figure out how to read the patterns. Ugh! Mom tried to teach me but I wasn’t paying attention, you know how that goes. I decided to just leave that up to them and they could just make stuff for me. Problem solved. Even though I was quite interested in the art of it, frustration got the best of me.

If you know me, then you would know that I’m always doing something with my hands. I’m just fidgety. One of my favorite places to go is Jo-Ann Fabrics. That store soothes my need to keep busy. So, one day while I was there, spending my husband’s money, I came across some beautiful yarn. (It was on sale, so I did save him a few pennies.) It was so soft and bulky; it was just my colors too: brown, rust and navy. On the backside of the yarn was a knitting pattern for a scarf and a hat. Then a light came on! I decided that I wanted to make those adorable items that was featured. It was in my best interest so, I decided to spend some more money and buy the yarn and the needles that it said was necessary to complete the pattern.

Now, the hard part began. Once again to know me is to find me in the library devouring books. I ran to the library that next week and got as many books as they would allow me to take out on knitting. I was overwhelmed with the language barrier. Knit? Purl? Yarn over? All Greek to me. But, I had advanced from a teenager with no patience to a woman on a mission.

With kids in sports you learn to sit and wait. I was sitting at a football practice a few weeks later and lo and behold there was a lady sitting and knitting. I practically fell out my chair. Was this a sign? Was this a confirmation that I was supposed to make good on spending my husband’s hard-earned money to make that yarn into something useful?

Well, that lady became my friend and now I knit like crazy. That very project changed my life. I am now on the ultimate project: an afghan. Our son will be a Senior in high school next year. So, I decided that now would be an excellent time to start a going away present for him when he leaves for college. We worked together on the selection process. I gave him patterns to choose from; he picked the colors and then I was off. It was a lot of trial and error but, I got this thing down pack now!

I’m dragging that afghan all over town, at sporting events, even riding in the car and of course when I’m watching TV. I’m knitting some love. I’m pouring my heart into each stitch. I’m sure going to miss him.


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