I.S.H.A. Sky

Designed by Marcellis Smith. http://www.smithandersongroup.com Tell him Shalynne sent you!

Before taking on a position with Hertz I owned and operated a business named I.S.H.A. Sky. I.S.H.A. Sky stands for Inspire, Succeed, Hope, Achieve. Sky is the limit. My mission was to “prepare today’s entrepreneur for a successful future.” The business also involved small business consulting, promotional events and motivational speaking. The company was named after my mother who was an entrepreneur. She passed away in 2004 while suffering from multiple blood clots that had ultimately traveled to her lungs and settled there. My mother was such an inspiration. When she passed away she was one semester away from receiving her Ph.D from Western, she had just got a hat patented that could be worn 21 different ways, she had just trademarked a board game and she just loved life. It is through her inspiration that this company was formed.

Looking forward to helping people make their dreams come true.


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